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Secura 6-in-1 electric pressure cooker 6qt Review

Where do you stand in matters pressure cookers; traditional stovetop or electronic pressure cookers? While both are pressure cookers, the later offers more convenience, efficiency, high performance and versatility. For these reasons, electronic pressure cookers are quickly replacing their traditional stovetop counterparts.

The Secura 6-in-1 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker is the perfect example of a high performance multipurpose pressure cooker. So here we revealed the Secura 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker 6qt review.

It can perform up to 6 different cooking functions from the single 18/10 stainless steel compact unit. It offers a multitude features that will always keep you busy in your kitchen; cooking your favorite dishes or trying new recipes.

Whether you are up for pressure cooking, browning, steaming, soup making, slow cooking or rice cooking, you are in luck with the Secura electric pressure cooker. Cook time is greatly reduced to about 3 to 10 times faster than the normal cooker, saving on time. Energy. Money. Its affordable price offering makes the perfect gateway to pressure cooking on the budget.

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Features of the Secura Electric Pressure Cooker 6-quart


Safe, quality material

While many electric pressure cookers have the inner pot made of a non-stick material that causes health concerns, the Secura electric pressure cooker is made of safe quality material. The non-stick material used in other pressure cookers decomposes at high temperatures, leaching into food and cause health risks.

The Secura EPC is made with an 18/10 stainless steel inner pot. This material is safe. And does onto decompose at high temperature conditions nor on high acidic levels. It is long lasting. Will not peel off, or scratch. The shine is long-lasting. And the whole pot generally easy to clean. In Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker you can also get such type of performance.


Safety mechanisms

Manufacturers of the Secura electric pressure cooker put in place fail-safe safety mechanisms to ensure that accidents are avoided. High pressure is regulated through valves atop the lid. On pressure build-up, the valve stays afloat to release excess pressure. An air tight gasket seals the pot to maintain pressure and temperature in the pot. The lid locks before cooking starts. And it will not unlock until pressure is safely released.


Pressure release mechanisms

The Secura Electric Pressure Cooker 6-quart uses effective pressure release mechanisms. These help quickly relieve pressure instead of waiting until it goes down naturally.

Setting the dial to pressure lets you cook under pressure. This will not release pressure but maintain it at a constant level for quick cooking. All other cooking methods are to be set on “release” pressure. When food is ready, wait for pressure to subside. Or, use the quick pressure release method at the top of the lid. Simply set the dial to “release”. Use this method for medium texture foods. “Natural release” may take up to 15 minutes. It is recommended for foods like beans that cannot overcook.


Easy to use, easy to clean

The Secura electric pressure cooker comes with an instructions and recipe book that shows how to cook under different methods. Generally, using this pressure cooker is easy. And it has 5 additional functions that let you cook any kind of food to save time and money.

Easy cleaning 

Cleaning your pressure cooker after use is easy. Cleaning is by warm and soapy water. Wash only the inner cooking pot, regulating valves, the lid, gasket, floating valve and the filter. Wipe using a dry cotton cloth and store safe ready for next use.

Specifications of the Secura 6-in-1 electric pressure cooker 6qt

  • Product number: EPC-S600
  • Cooker type: Multifunctional Electric pressure cooker
  • 1000watts power rating
  • 6 quart capacity
  • 12 pounds in weight
  • 6 ft cord length
  • 12×13.5×13 inches product dimensions
  • 18/10 stainless steel pot
  • Microprocessor system for time and temperature control
  • Up to 24 Hrs delay timer
  • Package contains: Secura EPC, rice spoon, measuring cup and instructions and recipe book
  • Cool touch ergonomic handles
  • Dishwasher safe

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  • Micro computerized timer and temperature control
  • 6-in-1 multifunctional pressure cooker
  • Inner pot made of safe material (18/10 stainless steel)
  • Cooks up to 10 times faster. Saves time, energy and money
  • Fail safe safety features
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Instruction and recipe book included
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic cool touch handles


  • The design is rather traditional and wouldn’t look good in a modern kitchen

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Things to consider before buying

The Secura 6-in-1 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker is a multipurpose electric cooker. You can quickly cook your favorite dishes and desserts. It’s easy to use and comes with an instruction and recipe book to help you cook different meals quick.
Cookers with inner pots made of non-stick material pose health concerns. The Secura 6-in-1 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker is made of safe 18/10 stainless steel that does not decompose on high temperature or high acid level. Generally, the whole cooker is durable and long lasting.
At a 6 quart capacity, this Secura EPC is best for preparing small size dishes for two or four. If you want to make a dish for a large family, then you rather shop elsewhere.
Safety is addressed right from the material used to make the inner pot. The Secura 6-in-1 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker also comes with other foolproof safety features that ensure you cook without fear of burns or spillage.
This electric pressure cooker by Secura may not compare well with other electric pressure cookers in terms of price. Its price is a little higher. But, this price is deserving. And, you get a 1 year manufacturer limited warranty.

Final verdict

This Secura electric pressure cooker wins when it comes to multifunctional pressure cookers that are far from the traditional stovetop pressure cookers. It is certainly a high quality, effective pressure cooker that will serve the purpose of a small family. Its 6 quart capacity is just enough to prepare any of your favorite meal without having to throw away left overs. It delivers quality cooking and offers versatility. Operating is easy thanks to its simple controls and handling is comfortable. It is dishwasher safe, so you can always have a clean cooker. Design and poor electronics grumbles aside, this electronic pressure cooker has something to offer.

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