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Gowise USA Electric Pressure Cooker slow cooker 6 qt Review

High cooking performance. Multifunctionality. Versatility. Durability. And stylish design. These are key attributes you must look for in an electric pressure cooker. As such, there is no pressure cooker that satisfies these criteria as much as the Gowise USA Electric Pressure Cooker/slow cooker.So here we revealed the Gowise USA Electric Pressure Cooker/slow cooker 6 qt review for you.

It has everything you could possibly want out of a 6-in-1, stainless steel 6-quart cooking pot. Thanks to its non-stick coating, temperature and pressure are evenly spread and cooking time is reduced to save time. Money. And energy. Its dependability and reliability makes it a premier electric pressure cooker.

It comes with 10 easy cook programs that make it an efficient and reliable cooking pot. Its medium size 6 quart capacity comes in handy for when you have to prepare a dish for a small family. Digital displays are easy to read and the whole appliance generally easy to use. All in all, its sleek design would perhaps be the first selling point.

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Features of the Gowise USA 6-quart Electric Pressure Cooker/slow cooker


Cooking performance

The Gowise USA Electric Pressure Cooker/slow cooker is a highly efficient 6-in1 unit. It is a multifunctional and programmable electric cooking pot that is both a pressure cooker and slow cooker. You can also use it to cook brown and white rice, beans, meat, brown, sauté, stew and warm your favorite dishes.

It has a timer function for precise timing of pressure and temperature conditions and the whole cooking process. It’s easy to use smart-cooking programs make it an efficient and versatile cooking pot. This feature includes 10 pre-programed dishes.

Cooking results is improved thanks to its embedded microprocessors. And energy-efficiency enhanced by its quick cook capacity. Thanks to this feature, you are able to cooks 6 times faster than when using your regular slow cooker. You get to use 70% less energy. 70% less time. And far much less money. In Gowise USA Pressure Cooker you can also get such type of performance


High quality material

Sleek design. Quality material. Ergonomic handle. This cooking pot by Gowise USA is certainly one to have in a modern kitchen. Its highly innovative design seamlessly combines with performance features to produce a functional unit that looks good on your kitchen counter top and serves all your pressure cooker and slow cooker needs.

It is constructed of stainless steel body that makes it sleek and appealing.

It comes with an insert cooking pot made of aluminum for durability. And is removable for convenience. This pot has a non-stick coating that evenly distributes temperature and pressure to improve coking. And it also helps wash easily.

The handle is made of a rubber-like material that makes gripping more firm and comfortable. It is ergonomically designed to make it gentle on wrist and hands when handling during cooking.


Safety mechanism and valve systems

Pressure and temperature inside the pot during cook time is maintained at a constant by a floating release valve. This helps improve cooking results as well as offer a precautionary mechanism. It is removable during washing to make cleaning easy.

This Gowise USA 6-in-1, 6-quart pressure cooker/ slow cooker comes with a full range of safety parameters. Its rubberized handle prevents the risk of burning when handling your cooker during cook time. Its lid locks during cooking and open only when pressure and temperatures have gone down to safe levels. There are also other safety features that ensure you cook your favorite dishes free of the fear of burning.

Product specifications

  • Cooker type: Electric pressure cooker and slow cooker
  • 6-in-1 multifunctional unit
  • 10 smart cook programs
  • 6 quart capacity
  • Stainless steel construct
  • Removable and durable aluminum cooking pot
  • Cooking pot has a non-stick inner coating
  • Digital display
  • Thermostat for precision
  • Rubberized handle
  • Foolproof safety features
  • Instructions and recipe book included
  • Gift wrapping available


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  • 6-in-1 multi-functional unit
  • Easy to use, comes with recipe book
  • Has 10 smart cook programs
  • Economical, 70% reduced cook time. Saves money, energy and time
  • Timers and thermostat for precise cooking
  • Safety mechanisms in place


  • 6 quart capacity. Larger families prefer a heavy duty or large capacity cooking pot.

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Things to consider before buying

How many functions does your cooker let you access? Does it offer all the functions of a pressure cooker and a slow cooker that you require? This GoWise USA unit is a 6-in-1 multifunctional unit with 10 smart cook programs and many other features.
Is the appliance constructed of durable material? How essential is the appliance’s design to you? You want to buy a pressure cooker that is made of durable material. The Gowise 6-in1 unit is made of stainless steel body, a durable aluminum cooking pot with a nonstick inner coating and a rubberized handle. Stylish design and performance features blend seamlessly into a single functional unit.
Are you after a medium size pressure cooker to serve a medium size family? This 6 quart capacity pressure cooker by GoWise will serve your purposes succinctly.
What kind of budget are you working with? This GoWise pressure cooker and slow cooker goes for an impressively affordable price. It is a quality cooker and has a lot to offer in terms of performance. You are certainly getting value for your money.

Final verdict

If you are looking for more than a stylish pressure cooker/ slow cooker, then this Gowise 6-in-1 unit is one to look for. It is a multifunctional pressure cooker that seamlessly combines appeal and performance in a single functional unit. Its 6 quart capacity is ideal for medium size family. And its high efficiency performance cooks your favorite dishes impressively fast. It is a priceless electric pressure cooker. And is one to have for anyone with a modern kitchen.

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