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Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ Review

What does cooking mean to you? Well, to most people, as it should be, cooking is an art. It is more than just chopping vegetables and adding spices. It involves timing, pressure and temperature regulation, and it is a learning process too.

The Cuisinart electric pressure cooker brings the artist in every cook. With its simple to use controls and recipe/instruction guide, a normal cook can become a super chef. So here we revealed the Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ Review for you.

By this pressure cooker Cooking time is reduces by up to 70%, saving on time. Money. And energy. It is a multi-functional unit that lets you brown, sauté, simmer and warm your favorite dishes. Its 6-quart capacity is just enough to allow a fair serving of the delicious dish for a medium size family. Cooking is made easier.

So is washing. The trivet and pot are non-stick to reduce messing and is dishwasher safe making cleaning time a snap. Try this Cuisinart pressure cooker and discover the chef in you.

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Special features of the Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ


Cooking erformance

This Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ 6-quart electric pressure cooker surpasses anyone’s expectations In terms of cooking performance. It has special features that make it the ultimate electric pressure cooker.

It is a multifunctional unit that lets you sauté, brown, simmer and warm your favorite dishes. The browning feature performs excellently to produce the kind of results only seen in top notch restaurants. And if you are a risotto or sauce lover, you have the perfect simmering feature here.

Your sauce will simmer gently as you add different ingredients to blend and produce a taste out of this world. This is truly one that will make you the super chef.

6-quart capacity is large enough to hold a fair serving for a medium sized family. You can quickly prepare the best dishes and a have guest come over to share the meal. Cooking time is reduced by up to 70 percent. This lets you save on time, energy and money.

The cooker avails two pressure modes: low pressure setting at 6 psi and high pressure setting at 10 psi. This minimal pressure difference allows full control of temperature and pressure when cooking. With the ideal timing, your favorite dishes will always become a delicacy. In Power Pressure cooker XL Reviews you can also get such type of performance.


Smart Timer

The cookers smart timer makes it a modern appliance. It eases cooking and brings convenience. The timer allows 1-minute increments to 40 minutes and 5 minutes levels from 40 to 99 minutes.


Keep warm feature 

You can also use the automatic keep warm feature to have your dishes nice and warm for when your guest will be arriving late. This feature automatically starts after cooking is complete. LED lights indicate that cooker is now on “keep warm”. It can stay here for up to 12 hours.


Easy to use, easy to wash

This 6-quart 1000watts Cuisinart electric pressure cooker comes easy to operate. It has easy to read digital displays and a regulating thermostats that maintains constant temperatures for precise cooking. The display is a simple push button panel that is easy to use.


Multi function 

It is a multifunctional electric pressure cooker that simmers, browns, sautés and warms your food. There are simple and easy settings for all cooking functions.

Its two mode pressure setting offers a minimal range (6psi low pressure and 10 psi high pressure) that is easy to manage. Its smart timer system lets you handle different other task while still cooking your meal.

The cooker pot and trivet are dishwasher safe making cleaning easy and fun too. Dry your cooker and store ready for next use.


Safety mechanisms

The cooker offers a full range of safety features that give you peace of mind when using the appliance. Its cool touch handle prevents the risk of burning when using the cooker.

Other safety precautions are such as the lock on cook feature that prevents the lid from opening when the cooker is in use. It will only unlock when the temperatures and pressure inside the cooker are on low safe levels.

Specifications of Cuisinart CPC-600 AMZ 

  • Product: Cuisinart brand pressure cooker
  • Model: 600AMZ
  • 6 quart capacity
  • 1000 watts of power rating
  • Dimensions: 12-1/5 by 12-1/5 by 13-1/5 inches
  • 12.57 lb weight
  • Constructed of brushed stainless steel
  • Matte black top and bottom
  • Cooker pot and trivet are dishwasher safe
  • Inner pot made of non-stick material
  • Has a precision thermostat
  • Has a cool-touch handle
  • Range of safety mechanisms
  • Clear digital display
  • Multifunctional cooker unit can sauté, brown, simmer, and warm food
  • Comes with trivet and instruction/recipe book
  • 3 year warranty

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  • Economical: 70% reduced cook time to save time, money and energy
  • Easy to use and comes with instruction book
  • Easy to clean: trivet and cooker pot are dishwasher safe
  • Mul-tifunctional unit
  • Has thermostat for precise cooking
  • Clear digital displays
  • 6 quart capacity
  • Safe to use


  • Inner pot made of non-stick material contested to cause health concerns.
  • Material decomposes at high temperatures and blends in food.

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Things to consider before buying

Is it a multifunctional unit? Or, do you have to buy different specialized unit for different cooking functions like browning, and rice cooking? This Cuisinart model is a multifunctional unit. You can simmer, sauté, brown, warm and pressure cook using the single unit.
The design and quality material used should feature in your selection. These are what allude to durability and quality as well as cooking performance of your cooker. The Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ is made of a stylish outer casing and the inner pot is non-stick for ease of cleaning. And it cooks fast too.
How much food do you cook regularly? Why go for a heavy duty or large capacity pressure cooker if you only cook large means once in every blue moon? This 6 quarts Cuisinart cooker is just the right size and will serve all your cooking needs.
What safety features are incorporated in the cooker to prevent accidents? How does the cooker handle? While some handle need gloves or cloth to hold when they are in use, this Cuisinart 600Amz cooker comes with a cool-touch handle that prevents burning when handling. It also has a wide range of precautionary mechanisms for your safety.
What budget have you set aside for the pressure cooker? Generally, Cuisinart products are affordable. And you get value for your money. This Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ 6 quart pressure cooker offers a 3 year warranty as show of durability.

Final verdict

If you want a high performance pressure cooker that is multifunctional, fully automatic, and will look good on the shelves of your modern kitchen, consider this Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ model. Its 6 quart capacity is sure to serve all your cooking needs. It is power efficient and rates high in terms of cooking performance. Its sleek design makes it a priceless addition to any modern kitchen. It is easy to use as it is safe. Highly recommended by top chefs and owners, this is one pressure cooker you must have in your kitchen if you are big on cooking.

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