Best hiking shoes

Hiking is basically a long and vigorous walk done on the trails of countryside areas as well as hilly areas. It requires a great level of stamina and foot comfort in order to be successful. The hiking shoes are more like trail running shoes, so they should be light in weight and have soles that have good flexibility. you should read the below detail guide on Best hiking shoes

Factors to consider while choosing hiking shoes

Ankle support: There are different varieties of hiking shoes in terms on ankles such as low, medium, or high top. Low tops are most useful when you are going for hiking on flat grounds. If you are going for a rocky hiking trip then medium or high ankle hiking shoes are the best choice for you the best ankle support to your feet.

Weight: One of the most essential factors to consider before purchasing hiking shoes is weight as it matters a lot on hiking trips. Always prefer light weight shoes as they are a great choice for both short as well as long hike trips.

Comfort: Naturally, if you are not comfortable while hiking because your shoes are harsh on your feet, then surely it is going to ruin your entire experience. Always take time to check the shoes for comfort and then buy the best ones.

The 2 Best Hiking Shoes

It may at times be difficult to choose the best hiking shoes from such a huge variety of shoes available. Here are the two best hiking shoes reviews to compare and choose.

Under Armour Verge Mid GTX

The Under Armour Verge Mid GTX are surely the best hiking shoes because of their award winning design as the top hiking shoes of 2016 and their innovative yet durable design. These shoes very lightweight as well as comfortable with a great ankle support that keeps your feet safe while hiking up the rocky hills.

The Gore-Tex part of these shoes makes the shoes resistant to water and helps in keeping your feet totally dry in wet areas as well as streams. The padding under the heel and forefoot keep your feet safe from all kinds of shocks and easier movement. The sole is flexible and strongly built for better durability and support.

These shoes can even be used for a daily-purpose wearing because of their stylish design and high comfort. The shoes are quite gripping when it comes to hiking on rocky areas and these keep your feet firmly stable against any kinds of impacts. The laces cover the whole face of shoes for better foot hold.


· Great Ankle Support

· Strong & Durable Design

· Highly Flexible

· Water-resistant


· Expensive

· Narrow for broad-feet people

Verdict: These are surely the best shoes that you can use for hiking. The up-to date design, high comfort, great ankle support and durability etc, all add up to the perfect shoes any hiker would love to have. The shoes provide value for money and thus, paying a bit high cost for one time is not a bad deal.

La Sportiva Tx2

The La Sportiva Tx2 is a creatively designed pair of hiking shoes. These shoes are very comfortable and very light in weight which provides better comfort while hiking. The shoes have polyester knitting on them and have a great amount of breathability to keep your feet dry while hiking in wet areas. The rubber soles are quite flexible and gripping to keep your feet more stable & rigid. These shoes are great for running because of their rather flat heels.

The use of one-piece polyester along with the to-the-toe laces help in wrapping these shoes perfectly on your feet and thus, with higher security. The shoes are great for hiking on hilly areas due to their rubber soles that are quite sticky and hold perfectly on steep slopes and hilly areas. The thin elastic cord wraps around the whole shoes provide better support to feet and can be used to hang shoes on harness.


· Very light in weight

· Breathable design

· Better grip


· Sole is extra soft

Verdict: These shoes are really a great choice for you if you are looking for a mediocre priced yet safe & high performance shoes. They can be easily utilized for running as well as hiking and are highly effective on steep slopes and hilly areas.

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